Knowing the vehicle history can help you avoid buying a lemon. Get a free vehicle history check today!

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Get the Facts On a Used Car
Once you've found a few used vehicles you are considering for purchase, always remember this important point. Always request vehicle history reports on the cars you wish to buy, since the seller usually will pay for it. As a buyer, you have a right to know the complete vehicle history of the vehicle for sale.

Find a Vehicle VIN Number
You can find your vehicle history VIN number from the vehicle itself. A VIN is visible on the lower right hand (driver's side) corner of the dash when looking through the front windshield. The VIN is also printed inside the drivers door on the frame. You may also find the Vehicle VIN on registrations, titles and proof of insurance.

Vehicle History Check

How does a used vehicle history check work?

Vehicle History Check

Get all the details
- Once you've found a vehicle you'd like to buy, always remember: Check the vehicle's history before putting it in writing!

There are several reasons why checking the vehicle's history is crucial. The more informed you are about the vehicle you're considering buying, the more confident you'll be with your purchase decision. As a buyer, you have a right to know the complete history of the vehicle for sale. Do a used Vehicle History Check find a lemon vehicle. Get a vehicle history check summary for free.

Has it been flooded, written-off, junked, salvaged, wrecked or destroyed? Was it rebuilt or stolen? Is the mileage accurate or has the odometer reading been tampered with? Could it be a lemon? Was it a rental vehicle or a taxi? According to a recent Consumer Reports Special Report, about half of the annually estimated 2.5 million vehicles totalled each year in North America are sold at salvage auctions, rebuilt and put back on the road.

An vehicle history report combined with a thorough mechanical inspection provides the answers, gives you peace of mind, and can help you avoid problem vehicles.

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